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Half Day Island Hopping Tours to Koh Taen Archipelago

Snorkeling and Kayaking tour to Ang Thong Marine National Park

Sea and sun adventure snorkeling, sightseeing, kayaking

  • Visit Samui nearby, unspoiled islands not yet on the radar of the Koh Samui tourist map. For great snorkelling, diving and beach time for the entire family.
  • Join our professional PADI snorkelling guide and completely engulf yourself in the snorkelling experience without a worry in the world.
  • Get into our high quality snorkelling equipment, including snorkel, mask, fins and life jacket (optional) or relax onboard our floating lounge.
  • Swim along the island´s amazing tropical marine life including giant clams, fan corals, sea turtle and wide variety of colourful fish that live in and around the protected coral reefs.
  • Jump aboard our conservation club Exploration Vehicle to explore the wilderness and rural Thai life.
  • Paddle your sea kayak through beautiful mangrove forests and hidden bays to discover the tranquil scenery of Koh Taen with its giant Monitor lizards.
  • Take it easy and explore Koh Taen Beach, jump on the trampoline, play volleyball or other beach games for children and adults of all ages! Or relax, sunbath, take a leisurely tour along the coastline to the local temple or traditional rubber farm.
  • Enjoy set Thai lunch including fresh seafood at Koh Taen´s Coral Island Beach Restaurant (Seafood is caught earlier in the day by fishermen who live on the island).
  • Relax at the beautiful, secluded white sandy beach of Koh Mudsum, beach towels and mats provided, or go for a swim or more snorkelling.

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Come join us on an adventure that will catapult you back in time and space, back to when Koh Samui and its islands were undiscovered and well-kept secrets.

We have created this new trip over this past two years for you, and we´ve been allowed to do this because of our integrity as a company. We recommend this trip to guests who prefer to avoid the crowds, who would like to visit unspoiled islands for not only unusual snorkeling experiences and other activities, but also for the simple experience of visiting pristine beaches and land.
We only offer private and semi-private trips to this destination in an effort to keep the islands as private and untrammeled as possible - our version of eco-friendly tourism.

We strive to make your unique trip as exciting, flexible and interesting as possible: The tour itinerary will be tailored in accordance to your requests and preferences. Your tour can also be modified at any time: If for example, you wished to extend your time at the beach to enjoy a longer swim or snorkelling in its refreshing water, you need but say so!

After arriving to one of Koh Mudsum´s or Koh Taen secluded sandy beaches you will have time to relax, sunbathe, swim snorkel at one of the sandy, pristine bays of this amazing islands. If we select to visit snorkelling sites away from the beach snorkelers and non-snorkelers alike would be able to enjoy our Lounge and Soaker floating just above the reef at our exclusive relax & splash zone.

Koh Taen is a small, tranquil, and unspoiled island, not yet on the radar of the Koh Samui tourist map. We´re inviting you to join us in visiting its picturesque beaches and clear, calm waters where you will be able to snorkel, scuba dive, sunbathe and explore the island by foot, mountain bike and kayak.

Tourism Autority Thailand License
TAT license: 31/0710

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